Covid 19 Policy


As of May 2021

We are open and running and orders can be placed on line 24/7. 

Couriers are returning to a normal schedule, however due to the pandemic delays in some areas can be expected.  Please be patient and ensure you order early if you have a strict deadline.

Some of our staff are still working from home on some days - most notably Mondays and as of this date our phones and offices are CLOSED ON Fridays.  If you do not get through to us on the phone immediately -you may be transferred to a work at home number and if that is busy - then voice mail. This is also true of the times we are closed so PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE AND WE WILL RETURN YOUR CALL.

Our preferred method of contact is via E-mail at - as that can be responded to by more than one individual.

We are under the impression that things will continue to return to more normal operation as time goes on -  however we will keep you posted here.  Please email or call if you have a concern or are unable to find something you need.

Check here for updates as they are available!  Stay Calm, Stay Safe and Stay connected!


Myron Arndt